Gym Equipment Servicing
Prolong the life of your gym equipment with regular servicing

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Great value on annual services from the industry experts

At P & M Gym Solutions we understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, and there is no point paying out for a comprehensive servicing contract on brand new machinery. The price of our service and maintenance contracts for cardio and resistance equipment are based on your machines’ age, number and location, and are available as labour only or comprehensive annual contracts. Call Mark to find out more.

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The law

Gyms and other leisure facilities incorporate a range of equipment which can cause injury if not maintained and serviced correctly.

Whether it is an injury caused by faulty equipment or a treadmills malfunctioning, under current health and safety legislation owners and operators of gyms have a duty to their guests at both common law and under the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 to ensure that they take reasonable care to ensure that the guests are safe when using the gym. This includes proper maintenance and servicing of all equipment.

Which contract is right for me?

Whichever gym equipment service contract you choose, you will receive one full-service per annum and have the benefit of being able to budget your expenditure throughout the year, and avoid paying out should one of your machines fail. You can opt for either our labour only, or all-inclusive contract, with the latter covering the cost of any replacement parts should your machine need repairing.

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